Road Commission to add gravel to Grand Mere Road

By Tony Wittkowski | Business Reporter | The Herald-Palladium

STEVENSVILLE — Grand Mere Road will have more gravel added to it Monday in preparation for winter.

Brian Berndt, a Berrien County Road Commission county highway engineer, said crews will add 4-6 inches of gravel to a series of roads – including Grand Mere Road and adjoining subdivisions near Lincoln Township Park.

“We schedule it for every 10 years,” Berndt said. “It’s about six inches of maintenance gravel. Not in all the spots, just whatever is needed to cover up existing gravel.”

Lincoln Township is buying $26,000 in material, and the Road Commission is rolling, compacting and grading the material into place.

Work begins Monday and will continue through the next week. Berndt said they will temporarily block off the roads while dumping gravel.

Dirt roads like Grand Mere tend to lose its gravel and gain pot holes in the spring when the snow melts. Berndt said they only do this once a decade because it takes a while for wind and water to erode the road.

“Our board sat down earlier this year and met with the (Lincoln) Township Board and set up the improvement plan for the summer,” Berndt said. “That was one of the projects we selected in February. It was on the list for the last couple of years.”

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(Author’s Note: This article was originally published on Oct. 18, 2015)

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